This web-map shows the history of the railroads in Twente (a region in of Overijssel province, in the Netherlands). Of each railroad segment, the opening and closing years (and when known, the exact dates) are available. Moving the time-slider will show the changes through the years. The map starts with the year 1928 selected, the year that the railway system was at its most extensive.

Note that the distinction between "main line", "branch line" and "tramway" was originally "Hoofdspoorweg", "Lokaalspoorweg" and "Tramweg", which is a defined by Dutch law, and quite different from American, British or other systems!

You can drag the slider left and right to change the year (from 1864 - 2015). For quick changes, click anywhere on the slider area. For precise year-by-year changes, use the arrow keys, or change the text to the year desired. Moving the mouse over the railroads show a tooltip with available information

Sources: The data is based on many publications, the most important being "Lokaalspoorwegen in Twente en de Achterhoek" (Evert Heusinkveld) and the "Spoor- en tramwegkaart van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" (map 1:400.000 of 1931)